Circa 1900. A group of eight lithographs on silk, showing individual grave monuments. Three are 21 x 18 inches and are credited to Cook & Watkins, and the other six measure 18 x 12 inches, with no company identification. These last six have colored threads embroidered on their side margins. Each monument is accompanied by a style number. Creased but in fine condition. Item #3455

From Brayley's "History of the Granite Industry of New England (1913) we learn that John F. Cook and George R. Watkins opened the business of Cook & Watkins in 1891. Starting in Boston, "they expanded to various locations in New England and are large importers of Scotch and Swedish monuments and Italian marble statuary. Their monuments and statuary are sold to the trade all over the United States and they employ a large force of traveling salesmen for this purpose." Mr. Watkins died in 1896 and Mr. Cook closed the business in 1907
It is very likely that the salesman who showed these monument samples might have represented more than one company as these silks are of two sizes and only three are identified as Cook & Watkins. Regardless of the origins of these silk lithographs, locating any of these ephemeral advertisements is quite unusual.

Price: $850.00